This story has its beginnings in 1946 when Bruce Spencer started creating his own range of cosmetics and body care products. Bruce had previously served in the New Zealand Army and then transferred to the Air Force during World War II. It was with the RNZAF that he worked as a laboratory technologist in the Pacific, performing laboratory diagnosis of tropical and endemic diseases.

Upon his return to New Zealand, Bruce slowly built up his cosmetic business but struggled with the expense and inconvenience of importing the fragrances he needed for his expanding range of cosmetics. When he began making the fragrances that he needed himself, Bruce discovered he had a passion for creating perfume, sourcing the raw materials he needed locally and the world over.

Word soon spread that Bruce was the person to see if you needed a fragrance made in NZ and the company Flairoma was eventually created in 1961 to handle this ever increasing business of manufacturing perfume.