What we do at Flairoma

We develop and manufacture fragrances in the traditional way, by hand, to the specific requirements of our clients. Firstly we source only the finest essential oils and aroma materials, locally where possible and then from around the world. We then carefully blend these ingredients into wonderful fragrances to our customers exact specifications.

We are able to:
Give advice on the type of fragrance that will work in a particular product.
Manufacture fragrances to a price point.
Create wholly natural fragrances if required.


Considerations when choosing a Fragrance

    • What does the fragrance need to smell like.
    • Is there a price point for manufacture.
    • Natural, semi natural or fully synthetic. 
    • Stability in product or on the skin.
    • Discolouration
    • Any safety regulations or restrictions pertaining to the particular product. 


    Fragrance Matching

    We also offer the service of fragrance matching. This is done the good old-fashioned way, the nose of a trained Perfumer. This means that the fragrance will never be exactly the same, but it will be close. That is part of the beauty of traditional perfumery, every fragrance is unique. Even fragrances made to an exact formula can vary ever so slightly as each batch of natural raw material has a very slight seasonal variance.